New Website Design and Upcoming Big News!

Hey everyone!  I hope you’re enjoying my new website!  In case you haven’t noticed, this site’s URL is now and not  However, in a few days though, the old site will be taken down and if you go to it will take you here as well, so there is no need read more »

Interview With Author Laura Eckroat

Thomas Strock: What is the title of your book(s)? Laura Eckroat: I currently have two books published and one is in publication: The Life of Bud released in February, 2009 A Simpler Time released in May, 2010 Went Out To Get a Donut … Came Home With a Muffin (will release in late 2011  or early 2012) TS: Tell me what read more »

Interview With Author Lori A. Moore

Thomas Strock: Tell me what one of your books is about. Lori Moore: “Grady the Gray Cat Gets Adopted” is about how an adorable little gray cat is adopted from an animal shelter and comes home to live with two cat “sisters” and a mom and a dad. TS: What prompted you to start writing for children? LM: I read more »