Interview With Author Lori A. Moore

Thomas Strock: Tell me what one of your books is about.
Lori Moore: “Grady the Gray Cat Gets Adopted” is about how an adorable little gray cat is adopted from an animal shelter and comes home to live with two cat “sisters” and a mom and a dad.

TS: What prompted you to start writing for children?
LM: I wrote this book about my own cat, Grady, that we adopted from the humane society when he was 2 years old. Adopting him was the best thing we ever did.

TS: Why do you write for children?
LM: I’m silly, so I figure I’m about on the level of a child, so my writing should interest them.

TS: Have you written any books for adults? Will you ever write for adults?
LM: Yes, I’ve written two books for adults, each of which has won an award. They are both in the genre of Christian Living. Their titles are “From Zero to Christian in Just 35 Years” and “Missing Andy.”

TS: Do you have a writing schedule? Do you write everyday?
LM: No, when I’ve been each book, the entire book has come to my mind all at one time, not in pieces, so I just sat down and typed them out in a huge hunk of time.

TS: How long does it take you to write a children’s book?
LM: Grady the Gray Cat took me about two hours.

TS: Is writer’s block real? Do you get it? If so, how do you deal with it?
LM: Luckily, knock on wood, I haven’t had it yet.

TS: How did you go about getting published?
LM: I submitted my book directly to a publisher, not through an agent or anything, and they accepted it six weeks later. No rejections!

TS: What were a few of your favorite children’s books as a kid?
LM: I liked the Encyclopedia Brown series and the Nancy Drew books. I still love Dr. Seuss.

TS: What is your advice for other people who might want to write a children’s book as well?
LM: Don’t talk down to children or over-simplify things and quit talking about it, DO IT!

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